Setup your Gitlab account

To get started with Gitlab, Signup for Gitlab account, Once signup, Verification email will be sent to your mail address, Please verify & continue login to your account.

Select your role & provide other details such as what is the reason to use Gitlab.

Caption: Setup your first project.

You are now good to go to create your first project on Gitlab.
Enter group name which you would like to give & your project name. If your are already familiar with Gitlab & having project in your local machine. You can choose Import project option but I will opting for the default option Create.

Congratulation’s, You have just created your first project. To add files & folder data to the Gitlab project which you just created, we will be using Terminal window to push data from your local machine to the Remote Gitlab server.


How can your local machine terminal can establish the secure connection with Gitalb remote server?

There are two ways to establish the secure connection with Gitlab remote server.

  1. SSH Connection
  2. HTTPS Connection

We will be using SSH to establish the connection. For this we will be requiring public key & private key. Don’t worry if you have never come across Public key & Private Key.

It’s time to setup SSH connection, Let’s establish the SSH connection together. Please refer to this guide on How to Setup SSH Connection with Gitlab remote server to push & pull files.

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